Question Productivity Index (QPI) Rubric

Question Productivity Index (QPI) Rubric

Beagle Learning developed the Question Productivity Index Rubric to help instructors engage student inquiry and teach them how to ask better questions.

We are interested in getting feedback on how helpful the QPI rubric is to instructors. We ask that you please provide your email so that we can follow up and understand how this rubric was useful to you.

Download Your Question Rubric

A Quick Way for You to Get Started Using the QPI Rubric:

  • Have students ask Natural Next Questions - questions that lead them closer to their goal, a step forward from the content they just learned. This primes them for the next class and starts them thinking about their own learning process. We suggest this be done every day or every other day.

Interested in Learning More About Beagle?

We are continuing to accept fall pilots. We expect to see measurable improvements in:

✔ Deeper discussions
✔ More frequent engagement
✔ Equity in student voice
✔ Question quality

If you’re interested, please to reach out to Co-Founder, Carolyn Bickers at for more information.