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Develop Problem-Solvers with Beagle Learning Beagle Learning works with trainers and managers to apply modern, problem-solving teaching methods to corporate courses. It uses interactive software to visually map progress.
Beagle Learning Categorizes and Assesses QuestionsUsing Beagle Learning, trainees learn to ask more insightful and productive questions, a key skill in critical thinking.
Make An AssignmentAssign trainees to submit their burning questions on your lecture or content.
Collect QuestionsWe categorize questions by class, topic, and trainee.
Get ReportsReceive AI-based assessment and analysis reports of questions asked through e-mail.
Get Critical Thinking Analysis, Without the Test
Beagle Learning evaluates your true success metrics and helps you align your training program around them.
With Beagle Instructors Will be Able to:
Learn What SticksUnderstand what information trainees are retaining and their real-world aptitude.
Trainee AssessmentClearly identify best and worst performers in soft skills and content application.
Pre- and Post-Survey DataImprove the immediate effectiveness of trainees from the program.
Our Packages
Package 1:Focused Question Asking
+Trainees will use the Beagle software to ask questions about specific pieces of content assigned by the instructor.
+Trainers will train effective question asking and identify trainee misunderstandings.
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Package 2:Case Study
+Beagle Learning will build a case study exercise centered around the client’s primary teaching goal (e.g. correct technical knowledge application).
+Give trainees practice applying their knowledge to a real problem.
Package 3:Beagle Class
+Beagle Learning will redesign a section of your course using inquiry-learning best practices and the Beagle Learning software.
+Ensure achievement of your learning objectives.