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Train critical thinking today Our web app gathers and analyzes student questions so you can identify their interests and needs. Use our automated assessment to measure improvements in critical thinking.
Our Impact
Start teaching critical thinking in minutesWithout additional training or curriculum changes. Just gather questions from your students after a lecture.
Increase achievement for every studentInquiry-based methods show more equal outcomes and higher engagement across all demographics.
Measure improvement every classReceive quantitative assessments of student critical thinking to see the value of inquiry-based learning.
How Beagle Works for Education.To learn critical thinking, you have to practice the entire process of learning something new. Beagle Learning achieves this with an Inquiry Cycle.
Distribute ContentPost and share your existing course materials in an easy-to-access location.
Gather QuestionsSee student responses to your course material with a structured approach to question asking.
Get Automated InsightsBeagle automatically sorts and categorizes student questions. Know the most important one to answer.
Measure ImprovementYour dashboard shows student gains in critical thinking over time.
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+Better understand what your class cares about with a structured approach to question asking.
+Receive actionable data measuring your students’ improvement in critical thinking.
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+Prepare your students for real world challenges by training 21st-century skills.
+Give educators the tools they need to measure student engagement.
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