Engage Students by Training Learning Skills

Plug student-led exercises into any course. Get student insights with real-time reports.

How It WorksBeagle is an easy and convenient way for instructors to analyze student questions.1. Upload a piece of content (article, video, audio, and more) in Beagle.2. Assign students to submit a question by a customized date and time.
Get Automated AnalysisBeagle gives instructors a same-day report highlighting the most popular and most unique questions from the course
Student Questions Make An Impact
On Student - Instructor CommunicationWhen a student asks a question, the instructor gains a pinpoint insight into the student’s understanding.The quality of the questions students ask reveals how much they know and how well they learn. (White & Gunstone, 1992)
On Retention of LearningPeople better retain information when they know why it matters to them. When instructors present information connected to student questions, students see it as personally relevent.Questions activate “prior knowledge,” helping students connect new learnings to what they already know. (Schmidt, 1993)
On Critical ThinkingStudent questions not only help improve engagement, but also build skills that serve them beyond the classroom. Forming a good question requires students to understand what they do and do not understand - a key component of critical thinking.“Asking meaningful questions relates to key skills such as critical thinking and problem solving.” (Biddulph & Osborne, 1982)