Train & Measure Critical Thinking SkillsBeagle Learning is a software-supported teaching method that uses questions to inform teaching, train critical thinking, and personalize learning.
Beagle Learning for Higher Ed
Effective question-driven learning.Beagle Learning is a software supported teaching method that uses your students’ questions to train and measure critical thinking.
Share ContentUpload and share your content with built-in viewers for all common file types.
Gather QuestionsGather questions on specific pieces of content and receive condensed summaries.
Get Automated InsightsWe use AI to analyse the questions asked and measure critical thinking.
Beagle Learning for Corporate
Modernize your training program.Beagle Learning empowers company teams to take ownership of how they learn, ask better questions, identify problems, and build solutions collaboratively.
Capitalize on each other's strengthsCultivate healthier culture and more creative ideation by fostering mutual respect of other’s ideas.
Understand the big pictureBuild a visualization and record of the team’s decision-making process that highlights missed opportunities and team member strengths.
Solve tough problems iteratively Train teams to iteratively refine problem definitions when problems are difficult to define.
Work Collaboratively and Think Critically.Get Started with a modern approach to solving 21st-century problems.