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Today's world needs confident problem solvers and strategic thinkers.

People who can critically analyze and apply new ideas, learn without guidance from an instructor, and work effectively on teams. Beagle Learning provides a platform where users practice analyzing information, coming up with solutions to issues, and learning both independently and in groups.

Our Solution

We've created a platform that helps teams work together through a simple process. When users ask questions, we gather them, rate them, and our AI measures the quality of their content. We also track everyone's thought process, creating a foundation for future work.

Our AI-system measures the quality of ideas teams choose to focus on and automatically maps thinking to allow for iteration on past work.

Whether you're an instructor, manager, or commander, we have a solution for you.

What our customers are saying

“Beagle has been a breath of fresh air in my Principles of Economics course. I feel like I'm getting much more input from the students.”Dr. KochOlivet Nazarene University
“I feel more in touch with my students than ever before. I feel like I know their needs.”Professor PoutArizona State University
“I had tried to create a more student-centered curriculum, but it was too time-consuming -- and frankly too daunting. Beagle was exactly what I needed.”Professor CollinaGeorgetown University

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