About Us Beagle Learning’s mission is to build a world of team-oriented problem-solvers who can tackle today’s biggest challenges and opportunities. We help instructors train and measure critical thinking skills by providing software tools and coaching that make exploration-based learning techniques accessible.
Meet the Team!
Turner Bohlen CEO
Alumni Partner at Roughdraft VC and heavily involved member of the Boston startup community during MIT undergrad. Founding team member of 3 educational programs that currently reach 500+ students a year.
Carolyn Goettsch Partnership Development Lead
Expert in Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Lead Generation. Experienced manager of client relations having developed SEO programs for 100+ clients ranging from SMBs to enterprises.
James TantonFounder & Partnership Experience Lead
Founder of the Global Math Project, reaching over 1.7 million students in its inaugural week-long event in 2017. Mathematician-at-Large for the MAA. Over two decades university and high-school teaching experience.
Lindy Elkins-Tanton Founder & Higher Education Lead
Innovator in higher education as Director of ASU’s School of Earth and Space Exploration and the Interplanetary Initiative. Lead on NASA’s Psyche space mission, reaching thousands of students.