About Us Beagle Learning’s mission is to build a world of team-oriented problem-solvers who can tackle today’s biggest challenges and opportunities. We've put together a fantastic team to do this, combining 50 years of training and education experience with backgrounds in software development, startup leadership, and SEO.
Meet the Team!
Turner BohlenCo-Founder, CEO
Alumni Partner at Roughdraft VC and heavily involved member of the Boston startup community during MIT undergrad. Founding team member of 3 educational programs that currently reach 500+ students a year.
Carolyn Bickers Co-Founder, COO
Expert in Sales, Digital Marketing & Lead Generation. Experienced manager of client relations having developed SEO programs for 100+ clients ranging from SMBs to enterprises.
James TantonCo-Founder, Advisor
Founder of the Global Math Project, reaching over 1.7 million students in its inaugural week-long event in 2017. Mathematician-at-Large for the MAA. Over two decades university and high-school teaching experience.
Lindy Elkins-Tanton Co-Founder, Advisor
Innovator in higher education as Co-Director of ASU’s Interplanetary Initiative. Lead on NASA’s Psyche space mission, reaching thousands of students.
Jeff Prouty Director of Platform
Full-stack software engineer with five years of experience writing code for simulation and analysis. Background in theoretical and experimental particle physics research.
Judy Alexander Director of Customer Success
National Board Certified teacher and instructional training expert.Ten years of experience in NYC and San Francisco schools developing literacy curricula used in classrooms nationwide.
Megan Allen Director of Grants
Expert in grant writing with a passion for health and education technology.MS in Biology & Society and background in community development in Asia and Africa.